Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Having a Peaceful Rest

This Mule Deer was observed lying comfortably in a corner of the yard beyond the garden fence.  What luck to have seen her!  I might never have looked out since there had been showers all morning long, and I was mostly occupied inside.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Nibbling the Lilac Bushes

It has become routine now. Every few days the deer wander through to nibble on things. Today they (a small herd of five) preferred the lilac bushes and the brush on the hillside.  On other days they have headed over to the two bird feeding stations. We don't encourage them to gobble up all the seeds though, and in one of the spots my husband has been able to erect a long pole that raises the clothesline to which the bird feeders are attached.  It was a comical sight, when on another occasion, two deer, with necks stretched upwards, contemplated a potential food source beyond their reach.

One of the fawns from the previous year

A doe nibbling on a lilac bush

The doe has spotted me watching her from the window