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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunbathing Robin

These photos were taken on August 13th of this year in the early afternoon. Our summer had been mostly hot and dry.

My vantage point had been a second story window. At first when I had glanced out and had seen the juvenile robin collapsed on the ground, I thought the poor thing had suffered an injury.

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After a short time had passed though, the robin folded its wings together and calmly hopped away.

I discovered several articles that described this "sunning"* phenomenon in the wild bird population. The birds will flop down, often leaning to one side, spread out their wings and tail feathers and remain motionless for several minutes. Notice, too, the raised position of one wing in the first photo.

*It is thought that this helps to "dislodge feather parasites".
The Earthlife Web

Monday, September 20, 2010


On the shores of Stuart Lake, Fort St. James, British Columbia
(912 km or approximately 567 miles from Vancouver, B.C.).

These photos were taken at the end of August. I wish I could properly identify this bird, and I am guessing it is either a juvenile Semipalmated, Western or Least Sandpiper.

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