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Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Moment in Time

Yesterday morning my husband and I decided to drive to the bridge and go for a walk. It's been great walking weather lately, and we couldn't pass up the chance. The east is being battered by winter storms, but here in the interior of British Columbia, the weather is holding, and it has been very spring like, with above average temperatures. It doesn't mean our winter is over; we know from experience that it can change overnight. In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying this fresh warm hint of a new season.

"Expect the unexpected." I wasn't thinking of that as we drove along the half mile road we live on, but there it was, the "unexpected", a solitary Mule Deer standing in what we refer to as "the clear cut" close to the road. We stopped, my husband backed up, rolled down the window, and I started taking pictures. The deer stood motionless and stared at us all the while.

We haven't seen the deer too much this winter, although we've come across their tracks on the road and forest trail. They are around, but staying out of sight.

The Mule Deer finally turned and headed towards the trees (they have a stiff-legged, bouncing gait that is amazing to watch). I saw this lovely animal stop and look in our direction as we drove by, instinctively checking. I'm happy that this deer seemed healthy, as winters can be hard on them. Aren't those the most gorgeous ears you've ever seen?