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Saturday, April 5, 2008


During the spring migration period
we like to drive to the bridge, park and see what birds are there.
First the Trumpeter Swans arrived on March 10th,
then the Canada Geese,
and now the ducks have come back.

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A pair of Trumpeter Swans near the river bank,
together with the Mallards.

There must be plenty of vegetation in this spot,
the swans are totally absorbed with eating.

The feeding swans seem quite content.

Tipped over to get at the aquatic plants,
the male Mallard on the skim of ice at the shoreline,
looking on.

A sense of Peace and Completeness.

When we got back from our walk to get the mail,
about half an hour later, and drove across the bridge,
the two swans were still feeding.