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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bug Fest

I'm far from being a bug expert. I guess you could say I'm horrible at knowing which bug is which. Today when I went outside to take photos of the flowers, many had something sitting on them. It was a very warm afternoon, and the first insects I noticed, aside from the mosquitoes, were the dragonflies. I think they are dragonflies and not damselflies because (and this is what I found out later) dragonflies hold their wings horizontally when at rest, while damselflies hold their wings closer to their bodies. I'll have to try and take some better pictures as they are beautiful insects, and they eat mosquitoes. The insect on the dandelion looks like a bee, but my husband reminded me that when our children were young, they used to catch these little flying insects in their hands and didn't worry about being stung. There are quite a lot of them about as well.

Dragonfly in grass

What is this on the dandelion?

Insect on Arnica

Dragonfly on Saskatoon Berry Shrub or Serviceberry