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Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Crows

Our little dog, Bonny, never passes up a chance to go for a walk on the trail with me, and that's what we headed out to do yesterday afternoon after my husband and I had returned home. We hadn't gone far when two crows began cawing and cawing. Both were perched in opposite trees near the path where we walked. I didn't see them, but I assumed their babies must be somewhere close by. (You might remember last Friday's post when there was such a commotion going on outside in the early morning hours, and I thought, at that time, that the babies had fledged.) I quickly took some pictures of the adult crows and was about to continue on my way when I stopped to see what Bonny was looking at down the hill. She didn't bark, and I wondered if she had seen a deer or a squirrel. What she was watching though were two baby crows sitting on a log. They didn't make a peep, but sat very quietly while the adults caused a distraction. In two minutes tops I had my pictures, and we were out of there. I wouldn't have known the baby crows were on the slope unless Bonny had seen them. "Good dog, Bonny." Once we arrived back at the house, she got one of her special treats.

No harm was done to the baby crows. Our dog didn't even get close to them, as they were on the steep hillside, and she doesn't chase wildlife anyway, unless she feels threatened. Bears are not her favourite animals, and she has met two in her lifetime so far (13 years).