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Monday, July 21, 2008

Bald Eagle

I think this week my posts are going to be mainly about birds. Yesterday, we were very fortunate to observe some large raptors, as well as the Ospreys and also what I'm referring to now as "the surprise bird", just because my husband and I were astounded at finding such an unlikely bird here. But, the first sighting was the Bald Eagle.

This Bald Eagle was looking a bit bedraggled perched in his usual high spot that overlooks the lake. The only explanation I can think of is that he had grazed the water with his wings when he was fishing and got a little too wet. And here he sat drying off.

Apparently, if an eagle has gotten hold of a larger fish and won't let go, he can be pulled down into the water. Although the eagle will use his large wings to swim should he get into trouble, he could easily drown if he can't get back to land quickly. In cold waters, he would soon perish from hypothermia. Source: American Bald Eagle Information

He must have been all right because when we returned this way, he was gone.