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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Close to Home

All the forest animals and birds are busy foraging for food.
Tap, tap, tap
I took these pictures of two Pileated Woodpeckers ten days
ago when I spotted them outside by the back deck. I had to
be so careful not to let them see or hear me as they are very
shy and would have flown away immediately. How do you
open a window quietly? I did it during the tapping.
A close-up of one of them digging for ants.

These last four pictures were taken on Friday
I'm seeing lots of little birds now flitting in and out of the trees,
after the berries, seeds of the weeds and flowers or insects.
The Northern Flicker is here as well; sometimes I have
come upon them on the ground grubbing for ants. This one
detected me and flew down the hill to perch on this birch
tree, still very cautious.
The chipmunk was so much fun to watch as I sat at the
picnic table. He was having a great time in the Saskatoon
berry bush,
his cheeks bulging with ripe berries.

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