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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Migrating Canada Geese

The arrival of the Canada Geese (as well as the Trumpeter Swans) in British Columbia's central interior always signals the changes of the seasons. We see them in the spring as they migrate north to their nesting grounds in Alaska and the Yukon Territory and then again in the fall when they migrate south. Some of the northern-breeding geese take a direct route by way of the Pacific coast, while other subspecies follow interior routes.
I stood on the highway's verge to take this picture while trucks and other vehicles roared by. I'm not sure why there's flooding here, but the pond is situated in a very low-lying spot. To the left on a higher rise is a house and outbuildings. The geese will remain with us for a week or two or more before making their way further south, perhaps spending the winter in Washington or Oregon.
There are sixty-four geese in this close-up of one small section of the pond.