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Monday, October 20, 2008

My World - British Columbia, Canada

My World Tuesday (Mondays, 8 pm GMT) is a wonderful new meme created by Klaus in Florida and hosted by Klaus, Tom, Sandy, Imac, Ivar, Wren and Fishing Guy. Thank you for all your efforts in helping to bring the world closer together.

Both my husband and I grew up and lived in large cities, but about thirty-two years ago we had an opportunity to move to a rural area in the interior of B.C. At first we lived conveniently in the town, but eventually we purchased a small property in the country 15km (9 miles) away, cleared some land, built our house and raised two children. The children have grown up, we have become grandparents, and we still live quite happily here with one friendly dog.

Today I thought I would take you to the access road for the public boat launch and show you the view of the lake. It's not far from us, just down the road a piece. The days are much cooler now, and we are beginning to use the fireplace again to make it cozier in the house. On this particular morning, it is about 7C (44.6F), somewhat cloudy and very quiet on the lake.

It's nice to see the Trumpeter Swans again. The last time I saw them was in the spring when they were on their way north. Unfortunately, these swans are way off in the distance today, and all we see of them are their white shapes.
Although it's not a very big lake, it supports two or more Bald Eagles, year round, as well as Osprey and several other bird species which are here during the summer.
You can just see the roof and chimney of our house at the top of the hill. (you may have to click on the image to see it)
Oh look! Over there near the opposite shore are two more swans feeding in the shallow water.
The beavers have been hard at work along the access road recently.
I would love to see them hauling away the timber they cut.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the lake, and I look forward to stopping by your place very soon.