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Friday, August 28, 2009

Birds in the Yard

It has been a great month for observing the birds in my yard and taking pictures. These are some of the lucky sightings that I just never had a chance to post before now as well as two recent ones.

August 6th ~
Close-up of a small bird
with beautiful soft, fluffy
brown and gray feathers
hopping in the grass
August 13th ~
A wary Northern Flicker,
looking for a meal of ants
(I had to step back from
the window to take this photo)

August 17th ~
Yellow Bird (Warbler?)
perched on my Hops Vine
August 20th ~
Cedar Waxwing
for another berry
August 20th ~
A Thrush, I believe,
high up in the branches
of a Poplar tree
August 27th ~
The Serviceberry bushes
are like magnets
attracting many fruit-loving birds
at the present moment
August 27th ~
Ruffed Grouse
a year-round resident
of these woods
Notice his black ruff and crest

There were a family
of five
which came to visit