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Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Visitors

Sometimes the deer pay us a visit.  They have a well-worn path between the house and the forest that they use or else they wander up the short trail that cuts through the trees to the road.  They make their rounds looking for food. We have to remove one of the hanging feeders and store it away for the night because we  found that they were eating the sunflower seeds.  

Although we bury the compost (mostly vegetable peelings) under a layer of snow, they have dug down with their hooves to retrieve whatever morsels are there.  We don't always see them, but their hoof prints in the snow and in the bins the next day tell us they've been here.

I'm sure the deer must also look longingly at the hay that the neighbour places out for his horses, and one morning W----- saw several of these beautiful animals slowly making their way across the field, following the tracks made by a snowmobile, heading in the direction of a hay shed.  

Mule Deer
A picture taken around suppertime one day.

Today ~
Two deer were on the road when we arrived back from town.

A short time later, they were wandering up the path.