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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Birds Dining on Sunflower Seeds

Foggy Morning

Sunny Afternoon

The other day I liberated from the garden a drooping sunflower that was full with seeds and attached it to one of the bird feeders.  The chickadees seem to be enjoying it very much.

Yesterday's Sightings:

1 Varied Thrush poking around on a log
1 White-Breasted Nuthatch on a tree nearby

I was surprised to see the thrush as I thought she/he would have flown south by now.  The nuthatch is very territorial, and I watched to see what the little bird had in mind.  The nuthatch flew straight at the thrush obviously trying to drive the bigger bird off.  This tactic had little effect on the thrush, and he simply hopped into an opening under the log.

1 Ruffed Grouse