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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Insect Habitat

This is our weedy path that we take to go
into the forest. All the insects love this one
particular sunny spot. The unidentified
butterfly and the damselfly were found here.
All I have to do is stand on this path and
hope that some delicate butterfly will land so
I can take a picture. Sometimes I've used up
most of my patience and also swatted away
many, many mosquitoes before this happens.
But, oh the glee and satisfaction when I come
away with one or two photos.

May 30/08
Forlorn looking butterfly.
I only noticed his damaged wings
when he stopped to rest.

June 2/08
This is another one of the same species,
but in rather better condition, photo
taken yesterday.

May 31/08
Crane Fly, also know as Daddy Longlegs

River Trail, June 1/08
I wonder if this is a Mourning Cloak Butterfly.

June 2/08
Pond Damselfly
I'm not absolutely positive, but I think
(after extensive research) this is a male Subarctic Bluet.
Flight period: B.C., late May to late August.

If you have any information on these butterflies or the damselfly, I'd be ever so grateful for your knowledge.