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Monday, June 2, 2008

River Trail

The trail begins at the park, proceeds
along the river bank, under the bridge
and past the boat launch.

An abundance of willow grow in this area,
and it has become a dense thicket. I heard
bird song the entire time I was on the trail
although the birds were well hidden.

Everywhere willow fuzz drifted
with some of it caught on branches.

There were several Crows here flying
back and forth. They must like it for the
protection afforded by the trees
and thick bushes, as well as the closeness
to the water.


On the return trip, I saw a nest high up in a tree
near the edge of the trail, and not too far away
perched a Crow. I took this photo, and I wanted to
take one of the Crow, too, but the Crow was obscured
by some branches.

Have you ever been harassed by Crows? I guess if they
will swoop down on the Bald Eagle, they will probably
do the same to a human. As I continued walking, I
noticed that two crows seemed to be following me. They
flew over my head and from tree to tree. I thought of
Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds, momentarily
before hurrying out of there as fast as I could.
That will teach me to linger where they are nesting!

I'd been trying to locate the owner of
the beautiful song I kept hearing
the whole time I was on the trail.
I was finally rewarded back at the bridge
when I saw what I believe to be a
Western Tanager.