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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Insect Habitat

These photos were taken on Thursday morning, after a heavy rainfall the night before. It has been a wet and cool month for us, with some "below average" temperatures.

On this particular bright sunny morning, I was digging over the compost when I spotted a butterfly fluttering nearby. I had seen it a couple of times before, and once in my garden. I guess it was my lucky day as the butterfly was still in the same area when I came back with my camera.

After I found out its name, I thought, "How appropriate." It really does have a commanding presence.

I've only seen one of the Admiral butterflies in the yard so far, but that may be because the males are very territorial. From my bug book, Garden Bugs of British Columbia, Elmhirst, Fry, Macaulay: "Each one surveys his territory from his high perch and will swoop down to fight and drive off any other male who wanders in."

It first landed here
White Admiral (L. arthemis)

and then moved to this sunlit spot.
White Admiral on Oregon Grape

A little later, while walking around, I saw the Damselfly.

Bluet Damselfly