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Saturday, July 5, 2008

At Home

For two days now we've had some late afternoon thunderstorm activity, together with wind and lots of rain. It doesn't last long, but it means having to shut down my computer for a bit.

The other night the thunder claps were right overhead which made me jump out of my skin more than once. Our poor, frightened dog kept very close to us the whole time.

Yesterday we checked on things outside -

  • rain gauge read 12mm (about 1/2in.)
  • garden looking a little soggy and flattened but all right
  • puddles here and there
These are some pictures I took when I went for a walk down the road -

At the first corner I heard the Pileated Woodpecker
hammering away on this power pole. I haven't
seen him for awhile.
There are lots of wildflowers in bloom,
spots of colour everywhere I look.
My little companion among the daisies.