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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring Flowers and Willow Fuzz

I looked high and low and could not find any pink wildflowers to illustrate the poem I chose for today's entry. The wild rose blossoms are still tightly packed in their buds and won't make an appearance until sometime this month. The flower colour which stands out the most at this time is the sun colour - yellow. Everywhere I turn, some shape or shade of yellow draws my attention. The lilacs aren't woodland plants, but they happily grow beside them, and this past week the serviceberry shrubs burst into bloom, the flowers, from a distance, looking very much like snowy dollops attached to the branches. If I follow a narrow path where many willows grow near the water, willow fuzz lightly floats and is carried by the late spring breeze. Please enjoy the flowers and the poem by Han Yu.

Oregon Grape

Lilacs, opening

Serviceberry Shrub

Every plant and tree knows Spring will soon be gone
A hundred pinks and purples
Compete with their bouquets
Willow fuzz and elm pods lack such clever means
They only know how to fill the sky with snow.
~Han Yu (768-824)