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Monday, October 27, 2008

My World - British Columbia, Canada

That's My World
created by Klaus in Florida.

There is no shortage of roads in this region of B.C. The land is a grid of paved and gravel roads, short and long roads, straight and winding roads, no through roads and connecting roads, roads that lead to mountains and lakes, roads that take us to town and city, roads that are boring, and roads with views that will knock your socks off.

Many of these roads, including the main highway, are corridors through the forest, and some bisect prairie farmland (which was once forest land a long time ago). If you travel them routinely, you will soon become acquainted with the animals and birds which inhabit the surrounding areas.

All of the pictures today were taken from the shoulder of the road wherever we happened to stop.

This is my world and theirs
Thursday morning was cool, sunny and clear. We drove our usual route, the one leading to the highway. Since it is a fairly quiet road, we were able to pull over as soon as we saw this majestic bird perched in a poplar tree near the roadside. It was really a fortunate sighting as we don't often see a Bald Eagle this far away from the lakes, unless there is carrion. But, he was just surveying the landscape, waiting perhaps for some small mammal to wander by.
The next morning we drove to the north side of town, out to the prairies. It is a good place to observe hawks. The weather wasn't all that pleasant, and there were very strong winds. I walked back from where we parked to this stream full of ducks. It's a wetland area, and the stream ends in a ditch near the road.
A little further on we came across this scene of Canada Geese in flight over a stubble field. I could hear their honking calls even with the noise of the wind in my ears.