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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Woodpeckers and Project FeederWatch

It's foggy, wet and cool this morning, 3C (37F). There is snow on the mountain top here, but surprisingly we've had no snow at the lower levels yet, other than the odd flake. So begins our November.

I've been trying for the past month to get a picture of the woodpeckers clinging to something other than the bird feeder.
I heard these two Downy Woodpeckers before I saw them as they climbed up and around this dead tree in the field across from our driveway last Monday. They were two males, and I'm wondering if one of them could be a juvenile because I thought woodpeckers were quite territorial. I'll have to do some research on that question.
One of them flew off, but this Downy didn't seem to be as bothered by me. He went from this tree to a rotting log, flew across into our property and perched on the railing.
He sat there for a minute or two and then flew to a poplar tree where he spent some time investigating the cuts in the bark searching for insects.
Yesterday, my package of goodies for Project FeederWatch came in the mail. This is a joint research and education project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada (Ontario). It is my 1st season as a participant and their 32nd season of Project FeederWatch. For more information on how to get involved please follow the links.